King Jesse Uranta, also known by his artistic pseudonym Kingurantatata, is a self-taught digital artist hailing from Lagos, Nigeria.

As a child, he was drawn to various forms of art and expression, and through self-study and online tutorials, he developed a proficiency in graphic design, eventually working professionally in the field for five years.

In 2019, he discovered a passion for 3D art, captivated by its seemingly boundless potential. Using a variety of computer programs, he creates highly detailed still and animated pieces that showcase his finely honed skills."

CryptoArt: Nifty Gateway, Foundation, Makersplace, Opensea, Zora, KnownOrigin

Exhibitions & Showcases

"Abuja Art Week" 2020

"ArtXLive" 2020

“Digital Art Fair Asia” 2021

"Art in Motion NYC" 2021

“Cyberbaat X Proofofpeople” 2022

“Refraction Festival” 2022

“Mono Gallery” 2022

“Art Dubai” 2022

"Art Basel Miami" 2022

"Art Basel Miami" 2023

“Times Square (NFT.NYC)” 2023